Merry Solstice!

Ahoy gentle reader and a merry turn of the seasons to you!

All is well in the James household. Eunice is peachy and Jude is doing great. I have quite a set of pics and videos I need to upload. He seems to have discovered the tantrum, but I am optimistic about my strategic response to this occasional flailing madness.

Talking of HWFO, Three Rings is also doing great. The big news is that Spiral Knights is doing really well! Last week we launched on Steam and, whilst I am not presently able to take my usual liberties with the numbers, I can point out that we seem to have been in the top ten games by concurrent players on Steam (Steam admirably publishes these numbers, Spiral has been around ~6-12k) more or less ever since. Exciting times!

I will pen a longer post about Spiral Knights’ development someday, but for now I would like to congratulate the team on a heroic job and a wonderful game. Thanks also to SEGA and our partners.

Other projects at ooo proceed apace, but I can’t say anything about those. I can thank the whole team from the bottom of my heart for their Herculean labours towards good works.

I still worry about the end of the world, but Eunice and I did Neighborhood Emergency Response Team training (often called CERT), so we’re a bit better prepared! I would recommend it.

This solstice greeting brought to you by Jessie J – Price Tag ft. B.o.B., a cheery tune that Jude likes, which was brought to you by DJ Earworm – Party on the Floor (another potent cocktail of pop, UK flavoured) and Jessie J – Price Tag (Rizzle Kicks vs Rural Remix) (Rizzle Kicks are good!)


Earlier Jude and I walked the dogs up the hill. The sun went down a little early behind the fog — rolling in over a very lovely day, just in time for summer. I regaled my captive audience with stories of sorcerers who made the day last forever, and the heroes that battled them.

Wishing you splendid summers, – Daniel

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