Merry Solstice!

Greetings loyal reader. I hope you are well!

As is traditional around here, I write to wish you a Merry Winter Solstice, the turning of the year and beginning of a new cycle.

Last night we had the pleasure of an extraordinary astronomical co-incidence, a full lunar eclipse on the solstice’s eve. I was fortunate with the weather and managed to catch some of the waxing through intermittent cloud and drizzle, out walking the dogs and then sneakily up on the roof of our building. The cloud came in just as the last sliver of moonlight winked away. Later I caught a glimpse of a mostly red full moon as the eclipse waned. If your hippy tolerance is high you might enjoy this post about the lunar eclipse on the solstice.

It has been a good year for the family, preoccupied in the main with our new master who is ten months old this week. Eunice has been keeping the ridiculously cute posts thick and fast over at Jude’s fabulous blog. Most of what I could say about having a child will sound familiar; it is wonderful and lots of hard work. Every day he becomes a little more of a boy and less of a baby, but I can foresee the quiet joy of cajoling him to sleep on my shoulder lasting for years, yet! You might notice the familial resemblance here:

For Three Rings it has also been a good year and I’m very proud of our team. We worked on some Facebook games, an iPad version of Corpse Craft, a couple of projects with partners that I can’t talk about yet, Puzzle Pirates (of course), and a very shiny new MMO that, after many years of development, is finally getting close to launch. Look for a post on that early in the New Year.

Given that last year it seems I did pretty well with my Predictions for Social Games, I will try to have another go-around with the crystal ball this year (and maybe bust out the scorecard, too…) So, you can expect another post or two before too long!

For now, though, the shortest day is winding down and I have to get to the pub! Life is good. Best wishes for the next turn of the wheel, friends.

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