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Merry Solstice!

Ahoy gentle reader and a merry turn of the seasons to you! All is well in the James household. Eunice is peachy and Jude is doing great. I have quite a set of pics and videos I need to upload. He seems to have discovered the tantrum, but I am optimistic about my strategic response […]

Merry Solstice!

Greetings loyal reader. I hope you are well! As is traditional around here, I write to wish you a Merry Winter Solstice, the turning of the year and beginning of a new cycle. Last night we had the pleasure of an extraordinary astronomical co-incidence, a full lunar eclipse on the solstice’s eve. I was fortunate […]

‘Social’ Games Predictions for 2010

Merry New Year, righteous reader! As promised, here are a few predictions for the online games business in 2010. Facebook and ‘social games’ were the big story and virtual goods driver of 2009, and we spent a fair bit of 2009 struggling to create our own social games network and chasing Facebook glory, so that’s […]

Merry Solstice!

Greetings loyal reader. I broke my rule of at least one post every six months by missing the summer solstice! Mea culpa. BTW, in case you are wondering, I try to post on the solstice because it’s an astronomically meaningful event that shakes me out of my blogging stupour, not out of any particular religious […]

Metrics for a Brave New Whirled

This afternoon I delivered a data-packed 30-minute lecture at the GDC Worlds in Motion Summit: Metrics for a Brave New Whirled. In many ways this was an update on the talk Andrew Chen and I did last year at the Virtual Goods Summit (see Andrew’s cool spreadsheet, more info on the talk in my last […]

Merry Solstice!

Greetings friends and best wishes for the New (solar) Year to you and yours. Another quick update on items on interest; – Andrew Chen and I did a lecture (y’know, those things with actual content) at this year’s Virtual Goods Summit. The video is embedded below, or can be seen here. Jussi Laakkonen did some […]


Greetings, mates! A quick update from the Captain’s Desk: * Tomorrow Thursday October 2nd I am going to Startonomics which looks really good. * Penny Arcade were daft enough to ask me to write a piece on DRM, which I titled ‘Put down the pipe.’. As Tycho points out“… the conversation is wholly the domain […]

Whirled goes Open Beta

Like a delicious pie long-a-baking, Whirled emerged from the alpha oven this week into flavorful open beta. You can play! We’ve been in closed invite-only alpha for just over a year, since we announced Whirled at GDC 2007, with a pretty small community of very dedicated and creative players. It’s exciting to see her […]

There and (mostly) Back Again; A Solstice Greeting

Greetings loyal reader. Thank you for keeping my in your feeder! I failed in my promise to blog more often, but better late than never. Some Three Rings news: Whirled is going very well, but of course has been taking longer than we hoped to reach beta. We have been very much in ‘last 80%’ […]

A Whirlwind Update

Ahoy mates, it’s been too long again. I am a bad blogger. Bad Cap’n! I promise to be better. Apart from whiskey and wench (note the shocking lack of plural there) here’s what’s been keeping me busy and amused; – Whirled proceeds apace. We will be making announcements soon — for now we’re still in […]