5 thoughts on “Bang! Howdy Goes Beta”

  1. Grats! We downloaded it and played it at work this morning, need to find the beta feedback forum to give you guys our impressions. Good luck with the cowboy thing, I think the stereotypical monocled english gentleman in a bowler hat and black jacket wielding dual pistols might work just fine.

  2. We’re number 5 most anticipated and number 1 PC game on 1up! Woo!

    Apparently folks are playing for 91 minutes on average. Very encouraging!

  3. Well a few comments ago I wrote something about “You’d better impress me with Bang!”

    And now the conclusion: I’m proud to say I have something like a dozen badges so far as well as both Shotgunner and Sniper (which I earned, rather than purchased). The game was absolutely nothing like I expected it. The business model for it is so Asian inspired… That should play out interestingly.

    Of course, I am a hex/square Turn-Based fan like any good industry vet is… so beating people up at this game comes naturally to me… but it is definately more complicated and ‘twitch’ than I had anticipated.

    Good luck with it, I’ll be hangin round back with my buckaroo named Danglin Bob (a great name) and my hero Johnny Charmsly (Another great name).


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