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Monthly Archives: May 2006

Burning Flipside, and the relevance of Burning Man to MMOs

I am taking off tomorrow morning to Austin, TX for my first trip to Burning Flipside, one of the larger ‘regional events’ associated with Burning Man. I’ve been to BM eight times now, every year since I moved to the US. Obviously I think it’s worthwhile, and not just because it’s a big silly vacation […]

Bang! Howdy Goes Beta

Yeehaw! Our second ‘lil ole game done gone public Beta; Get yer dogies over! Thar be gold in them thar hills. (Yep, I need to work on the Cowboy thing) [ how much is viagra | viagra herb alternative | levitra viagra | uses of viagra | viagra high blood pressure | viagra use […]

Exile observations, China: Operators Selling Bots?

Recently I had to leave the country for the month of April to get a new visa. Fortunately I received said visa and all is well. During the month I visited Canada and then China and Seoul, Korea. I was hoping to post a long-winded travelogue, but didn’t finish it in a timely fashion and […]

E3 MMORPG Lunacy

Each year I go to E3 and each year I am dismayed in various ways. I used to harbour resentment at the vast expense in creating noise and spectacle for essentially two important clients; the Walmart buyers, and the press, but I’ve relaxed on that front. If you need to throw $5M away to impress […]

Downloadable Games are a Dead-end

I am increasingly annoyed with folks blithely categorising the casual games ‘space’ as being equivalent to downloadable games and using the two terms interchangeably. My contention is that downloadable games in their current form, or ‘shareware 2.0’, represent an early and clumsy attempt to monetize the casual games audience, and in ten years will be […]


Fearless of any bandwagon, tis about time I lept up and began blogging. It will take a while for me to find my stride, but I believe that my starting position is to try to offend as many people as possible by being ridiculously outspoken. So, on the with the show! [ baby on viagra […]